5 Ways to Assert Yourself at the Poker Table

5 Ways to Assert Yourself at the Poker Table

For both new and returning players, it’s not always easy not to be swayed by other players at the poker table. This article will give you a few tips to assert yourself when facing opponents at the poker table. Follow them, and maybe your playing system will change.

Get to know and remember your thoughts

Before you start a game at a poker table, take stock of your emotional situation so that you can better control your body. The myth of the cold player doesn’t always work every time. Everyone knows that there is joy, excitement, fear or anger. Poker is a game that hates strong pressure. Relax before the start of each game, and you’ll be sure to leave happy. It’s not about struggling with them, it’s about accepting them.

remember your thoughts

You have to be able to discern the emotion you feel and take a step back, to know how not to let it out. Only regular exercise for this will allow you to keep the situation calm.

Learn how to meditate

The second method is to know how to enter into meditation to be able to take a step back. This is a formidable weapon for poker experts. It can be used anywhere and everywhere. It will even help you boost your self-confidence. It is a technique used by many world-renowned players. Meditation before each game gives you confidence and allows you to be stronger than you think.

A man meditates in water

Become schizophrenic

Player Vanessa Hellebuyck recommended this rather bizarre trick in an interview with PokerListings. Your goal is to win, and that’s the only one you should be interested in. You’re here to come home with money. Become a different person. Identify yourself with manga heroes who have to use this or that strategy to defeat a bad guy. It’s an incredible technique, just need some serious training.

Get into the shoes of a comedian who is going to perform in a show

Here’s another great method. Put yourself in the shoes of an actor who is going to perform in public. Since it’s not easy to perform in front of a large crowd, they’ll be looking for confidence. It’s the same for opponents who are facing you at a poker table. So before you go there, take the time to mentally imagine the situation you are going to face. Afterwards, imagine that you are a self-confident character. Find out how you will behave once you get there. By becoming this other person, you will also change your emotions.


Give yourself the means to assert yourself thanks to the WOOP method

It’s just not a question of practicing playing poker, all the rest of the attitudes have to rhyme with it. How do you manage your impulses? How do you deal with aggressive or mocking players? The WOOP method will help you with this. It helps in the acquisition of a positive visualization. It is not a new method, as it was long before, presented by philosophers such as Seneca, Marcus Aurelius, as well as the Stoics. With this trick, there is no question that everything is going to be easy at the poker table, but rather to represent how you are going to overcome the unexpected.